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Advisory Board

Todd Blum

CEO Of ENT Of South Florida

ENT of South Florida has 25 locations and is one of the largest ENT practices in the U.S.  Todd is an expert in mergers and acquisition and all things financial within medical practices.

Dr. Don Morgan

President Of Hearing Resource Group

Dr. Morgan taught at the UCLA school of Medicine for 26 years.  He also taught at Penn.  He now owns audiology clinics within otolaryngology practices in California.

Dr. Andrew Parker

Otolaryngologist, Owner of Parker ENT

Dr. Parker is a private practice Otolaryngologist from Norwalk Connecticut.  He has a very successful hearing aid clinic within his practice.

Dr. Stan Phillips


Dr. Phillips did a fellowship at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD in cochlear pathology research followed by five years at The University of Maryland where he trained one year in general surgery and four years in otolarygology. Now, in his 19th year he has his solo ENT practice and is very interested in tinnitus and hearing loss.

Robert W. Sweetow, Ph.D.

Professor of Otolaryngology

Dr. Robert Sweetow is Professor and former Director of Audiology at the University of California, San Francisco. He received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University, M.A. from the University of Southern California and B.S. from the University of Iowa. Dr. Sweetow has written 25 textbook chapters and over 125 scientific articles. He is a reviewer for several journals, author of Counseling for Hearing Aid Fittings and a former member of the Board of Directors of AAA. He was the developer of the LACE auditory training program. Dr. Sweetow has been an invited lecturer at more than 300 meetings worldwide, and is a highly sought after speaker for his informative and entertaining style. His research interests include amplification, counseling, rehabilitation, neuroscience, and tinnitus. Dr. Sweetow was the recipient of the prestigious 2008 Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Academy of Audiology.

Regi Varghese

CEO, Houston ENT

Houston ENT is one of the largest ENT practices in the U.S. and the oldest ENT practice in Texas.

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