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Healthcare Alliance

At ARG, we focus on the largest, immovable items on your P&L and help you find ways to reduce them. One such item impacting practices is health insurance. The costs are consistently on the rise and over the past couple of years with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act increases have been exorbitant. With that in mind, we are happy to introduce the ARG Healthcare Alliance. The ARG Healthcare Alliance is a level-funded insurance program and a comprehensive solution to rising healthcare costs. Practices with as few as 10 participating employees can enroll. 


  • Level funding is a form of partial self-funding that enables the employer to budget for monthly expenses while enjoying the financial advantages that larger organizations have enjoyed for years. Part of the monthly payment is used to cover fixed costs and part is used to fund unexpected claims.

  • In a level-funded plan, stop loss insurance protects the plan against catastrophic claims, both specific andaggregate. If total claims exceed the agreed funding limit, all claims in excess of the funding limit are fundedby stop loss insurance.



  • Savings on Premiums

    • A separate Stop Loss plan is put in place to control high cost of catastrophic claims.

    • Because the Stop Loss is separate, catastrophic claims are not used in underwriting which keeps the cost of the regular health plan flat.​

  • Flexibility in Plan Design

    • ​You can design the plan that will be best suited for the needs of your employees.

    • Multiple carriers to choose from.

  • Risk Management Effectiveness

    • Stop Loss Insurance reduces downside risk.

  • Tax Savings

    • No premium tax for the self-funded claim fund; thus, an immediate savings equal to the amount of premium tax is realized (average state tax is 2 percent).

  • Retention

    • Administration of the plan less expensive under a level funded arrangement without sacrificing a reduction in services.​


For more information contact Richard Jackson at or 612-817-8481

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