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Performance Management Dashboard

Watch this 5 minute video on Performance Management offered

by ARG!

With the performance management initiatives we have created at ARG, we will help you guide your practice to success.  We use a system of measurements, expert consulting from industry leaders and professional training and education to maximize the talents of your staff to significantly improve the performance of the practice.



For any business to be successful, attention must be focused on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  These KPIs must be tracked and analyzed on a regular basis.  With the ARG Scorecard, we work with you to determine the critical areas that you must measure and track within the practice.  By reviewing and analyzing the scorecard quarterly it is easier to determine strengths and areas of improvement within the practice.  We create scorecards for the hearing aid business as well as the practice as a whole. 



Measurement uncovers areas of need.  You determine the areas you want to focus on and we supply the expertise. We have hearing health experts who have practical experience running audiology clinics and otolaryngology practices, who will help you adopt best practice initiatives to improve in those areas that you determine are limiting the success and growth of your practice. 



ARG members have access to all of our training resources for your audiologists and office staff.  To develop a team of high performers, training must be conducted on a regular basis.  We will work with you to identify specific training needs and then we will create a schedule for your staff.   We have a variety of training methods and venues including webinars, one-on-one and classroom sessions that will not interfere with the daily operation of the practice.


We also offer an annual education conference where you will get to learn from the industry experts on our advisory board, learn about new products from our strategic industry partners, interact with your peers, and earn C.E.U. credits.

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