Aren't All Hearing Aids The Same?

February 24, 2016



"Aren't All Hearing Aids the Same?"


Excellent question.


We get this question quite often from patients and I'm glad you asked. 


The short answer? "No, they are not."


The more relevant question, though is "Why do you ask?"


It is common for many patients and frankly some hearing healthcare practitioners to consider hearing aids as "widgets". An electronic listening device, where one is as good as the other. A consumer based product, where the best outcome and value could, should, must be from the device that costs the least. After all they are all made from the same basic parts and have the same types of features, right? 


Maybe, but more realistically, no. That is why you are here today.


The conversation and recommendation regarding what is the best hearing aid option for a patient must always be centered around the unique circumstances of the patient's hearing and the functioning of their auditory system. The practitioner that evaluates the auditory system thoroughly will be in the best position to recommend the best solution. This will help drive the best possible outcome for the patient.  


The simple truth is that hearing aids DO have differences and they are NOT all the same.


One example is that they have different limits to their hardware. An environment in which one hearing aid may function well, another may be sub par; with the features unable to effectively complete the task they were designed to do. 


So what product should your practitioner recommend?  The one, that based on YOUR unique individual evaluation. It is the best solution that will give you the best OPPORTUNITY  for success with your hearing loss. Depending on your hearing evaluation, it could be a wide range of possible solutions that is recommended. It could also be vary narrow. 


To be fair, compromises sometimes need to be made. Finances are often a big reason, why.  No problem. It is a valid scenario and worthy of discussion, but only after a clear understanding one's hearing loss has been determined. Ask to know the differences in technology, why one product is being recommended over another.  It matters.  It CAN & WILL affect the outcome.


No, hearing aids are not all the same, but that's why we are here. 

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