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—Batteries are an inconvenience to hearing aid wearers.

—Many patients no longer drive so they have to be driven to a retailer or to the hearing clinic to purchase batteries.

—Physicians and audiologists don’t realize enough revenue from battery sales to justify carrying a large inventory.


Battery Direct Club

—The situation is further complicated when the practice has to deal with defective or returned batteries.

—Patients and practitioners have asked ARG to create a simple solution.



—ARG’s Battery Direct is a simple turn key solution created to supply your patients with batteries.

—ARG will ship batteries on a 1, 2 or 4 times per year directly to your patients.

—ARG will collect the money for the batteries and practices will receive a quarterly profit sharing check.

—ARG will deal directly with the patients for returns or defective batteries.



—The patients are enrolled at the time the hearing aids are initially sold through the use of a simple application.

—The patient fills out a simple enrollment application and the office email’s the form to ARG.

—Patients have their choice of delivery either once, twice,  or four times per year.

—ARG will automatically bill the patient’s credit card and then ship the batteries.

—Patients can cancel the membership at any time.



—The batteries cost the patient $.65 per cell, plus a minimal shipping fee and no additional enrollment fees.

—Another solution for your patients from ARG.

Battery Direct Application
Contact us at (888) 438-0384 or if you would like us to supply brochures for your office.
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