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Letter/Marketing Templates

Below are standard templates to help your practice communicate with current and potential patients. We are more than happy to customize and design letters/marketing material for your clinic or help with any printing/mailing needs you may have.  

Letter Templates
Invite these patients to your clinic to learn about new hearing aid systems.
Send this letter to patients when you are hosting an open house.
Use this letter to send updates on hearing aids and tinnitus.
Have your patients complete this form to ensure they understand the privacy agreement.
A recruitment template to formulate a personalized letter.
A thank you letter for a recent referral.
Encourage these patients to schedule another appointment to discuss hearing health care options. 
Invite your patients who want to explore upgrading their current hearing solutions to visit your office and learn more.
Send a welcome letter to your patients when you hire a new audiologist at your clinic.
* Example of letters that are offered through Blueprint Solutions
Marketing Templates
An audiogram card to give to your patient with their hearing test results. 
Welcome your patients comments and feedback with this card.
A contract to complete when patients order a hearing aid.
A lifestyle piece explaining different hearing environments and the hearing aids that best fit that environment. 
Patient referral guidelines in order to make the program successful.
A postcard for patients to fill out to refer a friend to your clinic.
A patient referral reward program that you can implement at your clinic to drive traffic.
A questionnaire that tells you if you need to get your hearing tested.
If you are running a trial at your clinic use a brochure for advertising. 
Use this welcome card to announce a new audiologist at your practice. 
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