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Commercial Services
Don Morgan, President of Hearing Resource Group, sharing his experience utilizing our brokerage service. See what he has to say!
Consolidated Billing 
ARG makes the arduous task of paying the bills easy and efficient.  We offer consolidated billing so anything purchased through ARG goes onto one, consolidated monthly statement.  We can customize those statements to meet your individual needs.

Online Portal & 24/7 Access To Invoices
ARG offers an online portal where members will have access to their account 24/7 to view statements and make online payments.

Marketing Support
ARG Members have access to marketing support, including website analysis and development, database marketing, direct mail ads and sample letters.  ARG has a library of templates of sample letters, postcards, brochures and newsletters that you can choose from to create a marketing communication plan.  ROI will be tracked and analyzed to evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns.

Brokerage Services
If you choose to expand or sell your practice, we will develop the financial book that is required to sell a practice for the maximum value.  We will work with you to solicit buyers and secure funding for the new owner.
Planning For Succession/Retirement
To transition a business successfully, owners need a road map, experienced guides and implementation. With the help of our strate-gic partner, Architrave Partners, we can assist you in developing a plan that will keep you from leaving substantial dollars on the table or taking on substantial risk prior to and following the transition, and will help alleviate the stress and anxiety involved in succession planning.

Space Planning & Build-Out
If you would like to expand to another room or another office, ARG will work with you to create the most efficient design and work environment.  Services include furniture selection, equipment purchasing, and installation.  We can also assist in staffing your new office if needed.

Coding & Billing
ARG offers members access to an array of coding and billing support.  You can use us for training or consulting on coding and billing. You can also choose to outsource the entire operation to our Strategic Partner.  
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